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Reflow 1.7.3


The maintenance version 1.7.3 is now available for iOS.

We’ve redesigned some elements of the UI to better suit iOS 7, and we’ve included an embedded PDF version of the user manual. The previous help section was buggy and sometimes was simply missing.

We’ve also improved the midi import and fixed some minor bugs.

The release should be available for Mac too in a few days.



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Some words about Reflow

Hello there,

It has been a long time since last Reflow update, so I wanted to write a quick post to give some information about the status of Reflow.

In fact we have good news and bad news. 

Good news are we’re still working on Reflow, the project is still alive. We’ve been working on a brand new version for some time now, but it is a huge work and we can’t estimate the time we need to complete this version.

However, we’ve been very very busy these last months on other projects and contract work, and as it is getting more and more time consuming we had to take some cruel decisions.

Bad news are we obviously don’t have time and resources to add features to the existing 1.7 version. This version will probably be the last one of the Reflow 1.x saga. We’ll keep on posting the features we’re working on for the v2.

Oh, and also we’ll stop posting and answering the forums we’set up more than 3 years ago, simply because due to recent Getsatisfaction updates we can’t and simply don’t want to follow them anymore. Man, come on, we can’t pay $1200 a month for our forums …

See you at next release !

Best regards, 


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Last days I’ve been working on adding Simile marks (% symbol) in Reflow. This symbol allows to repeat the last bar without typing a single note!
I also tried to let the user put similes on just the hi or low voice, which could be useful for drummers, but I still have some experiments to do to make it really intuitive.

Last days I’ve been working on adding Simile marks (% symbol) in Reflow. This symbol allows to repeat the last bar without typing a single note!

I also tried to let the user put similes on just the hi or low voice, which could be useful for drummers, but I still have some experiments to do to make it really intuitive.



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Finalizing the Reflow 1.7 Release!

Hello everyone !

It’s been a very long time since we released the last major update.  We have focused and worked hard on the most asked features in Reflow 1.7, especially the iOS user interface. Let’s go !

View Mode / Edit Mode

We realized that Reflow iOS was missing a viewing mode to help you during your practice time. So we decided to implement two ways of use : the View mode and the Edit Mode.

The View mode aims to navigate through your file library and shows a quick preview of a song that can be played without need to be opened.

To modify a song, simply enter the Edit Mode and you will find the input keyboard, navigator and so on. 

Landscape and Zoom

It was probably the most requested feature. In order to Improve the readability and ease of use, we introduced pinch to zoom and landscape/portrait orientation of both iPhone and iPad versions.

Midi Import

Midi import is now working, and I can say it works pretty well! However you will certainly have to fix some of the imported stuff yourself, because midi import remains a tricky operation that we will improve over time.

In-App User Manual

We have included an embedded Manual in the iOS version of Reflow. It has been completely rewritten from scratch, and we hope it will improve your understanding of the Reflow features and its workflow.

Dropbox / iCloud / File library

One of the biggest issues we encountered with the older version was the lack of file management on iOS. It caused some random crashes, corrupted files and above all was very messy.

The new version brings a brand new library on iOS where your files are organized into three different storages : Device, iCloud, and Dropbox. You can now link a dropbox folder with your Reflow application, create files and organize your work in a much cleaner way.

Grace notes

This feature was one of the most demanded by our lovely drummers! Grace notes in 1.7 is functional, but we had to restrict their use to just one grace note before the beat, allowing rudiments such as flams, but not drags. However we have planned to improve this in a future release. 

Legato Slurs

Another feature that was missing and highly requested for classical music notation is the ability to add Legato slurs in both Standard staff and Tablature. It is now available and customizable directly on your score without calling any dialog box ! I recommend you to refer to the User Manual to learn more about them. 

And more…

We have also added dotted quarter tempocustom time signature on iOSbeaming pattern, and a huge amount of bugs and crashes have been fixed !

We are very proud of this new version, and we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. We will send this new version to Apple for review within this week, however it can take a relatively large amount of time before approval, so stay tuned !


- Julien


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Reflow 1.6.0 is finally there


Some of you might know that Reflow 1.6 is already out since last month on our website and on iOS App Store, but now it has been validated for the Mac App Store and is available for update right now.

There are some great new features in this release, including a way much better Navigator that allows you to manipulate entire chunks of your song in a simple drag’n drop gesture. You can also play with some loop indicators to specify which portion of the song you want to work on. These features are also available on the iOS version.

Combined with the Continuous Workflow that is specific to Reflow, this navigator has completely changed the way we use music notation software to compose our own songs, and we hope you will enjoy these additions too.

We also introduced a metronome and worked on improving the audio rendering quality, especially for guitar instruments. I’m sure you will easily hear the difference!

Stay tuned for the 1.7 ;)


1.6 is out!

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Reflow has a new website

Hi everyone,

We’ve been completely redesigning the Reflow website this week, to make it cleaner and give the app a more personal and indie touch. And it is now easier to find information about the app, all is on the same page!

It now contains all the links you need to get the Demo, the User manuals for both iOS and Mac versions, and even a link to buy the app directly from us using Paypal!

Due to Apple restrictions, the version sold on our website does not include iCloud. Which is really bad… But to compensate it is priced 1€ less. I’m currently integrating Dropbox for the next Reflow 1.7 as I write this post, so this won’t be a problem for a long time. 

Julien has been recording 2 videos to show some of the Reflow 1.6 features on the Mac. (The 1.6 is still being validated by Apple, but if you bought Reflow on our website it is already there.)

In parallel to working on Reflow 1.7, I’m currently working on the new User manual, that will be downloadable as a PDF or viewed online. The french version should follow too.

Tell us what you think about the new Reflow and its website :



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Reflow 1.5.3 is available … and Universal!


Great news, with the 1.5.3 release, Reflow has now become an Universal App that you can use on both your iPhone and iPad.

That means that if you already bought Reflow for iPad, then you get Reflow for iPhone for free. Just upgrade.

You can get Reflow for iOS on the App Store.

I honestly don’t think this first release on iPhone is perfect yet, there is still some things to improve and I’m already working on it, so stay tuned!


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Reflow 1.5.2 is available

Yeepee! The long awaited Reflow 1.5.2 update has (finally) been approved and should be available for download for both Mac and iPad in a few minutes now.

This is a maintenance release that fixes bugs and improves standard notation rendering.

I’m very happy to see this update coming, as the review took nearly 50 days to be validated (It was submitted on May 29th).

Because of these delays, I don’t think I will keep on synchronizing release dates of both iOS and Mac versions, and probably the next 1.5.3 will be iOS only.